Online Weddings

If your ceremony has been postponed or cancelled due to the Coronavirus, what are you going to do on the day that ‘would have been’ your big day?

Don’t resign yourself to a day of Netflix and junk food – start planning your online wedding!

While the wedding won’t be legally binding until you are able to visit a registry office, it can bring joy and happiness to your friends and family at a time when good news is a little thin on the ground.

Zoe and Rachel Taylor Knee held their online ceremony on Sunday 5th April, determined to keep to that date as they had already had their rings engraved and even had matching tattoos of the date on their feet!

“It’s been an amazing day – we couldn’t have wished for it to go any better. We had people join us who couldn’t even make the original day. We’d lost all hope before we found Julie online – the ceremony that she wrote captured us perfectly.”

Mass gatherings may have stopped but love never does. Everyone loves a good wedding so what better way to cheer people up in lockdown?


Let’s talk about how we can rescue your big day and make it one to remember!

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