About Me

My name is Julie.

I first came across a Life Celebrant several years ago at the funeral of my Great Uncle Jack. He had been an intensely private man with no close relatives and seemingly few interests. I was amazed how the Celebrant, Gloria, who had never met him, wove together the threads of his life to tell a story that very few of us had heard before.

At the time I was in a stressful job, running a communications team for a multi-national bank in London. Financially rewarding but soul destroying. I’d sit in the boardroom, daydreaming about a job that was more spiritually rewarding. A role where I could help people and experience the full spectrum of human emotion.

So, out of the blue, I called Gloria and she helped me start a new path. Subsequently, I have trained to be a Celebrant with green fuse, whose training is professional and thorough, inspiring and creative, and accredited by the Open College Network.

My previous roles editing, writing, presenting and performing have all played a useful part in leading me to this work.

I have a deep respect and fascination for the twists and turns of life and it is such a privilege to bear witness to it every day.

Julie Fox

Julie Fox

Independent Life Celebrant

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