Baby Namings

Nothing brings more joy than a new life and it’s natural to want to celebrate it with your loved ones. Creating a ceremony to symbolically name your baby and welcome them into the world is a wonderful way to do this.

If you’re not religious, christening your baby probably won’t be for you. But if you’d like to bring your family and friends together to celebrate your new addition, a baby naming could be just what you’re looking for.

I would love to help you create the perfect ceremony for your family.

There is no limit to the creativity of a baby naming. Songs, readings, tree-planting, gifts, art, or candle lighting could all form a part of your event. The ceremony could include an explanation of the name chosen, your hopes for your child’s future and promises from guardians or mentors (instead of godparents). Older siblings can take an active role, helping them to treasure the new addition to their family.

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