Imagine a ceremony that captures the essence of your loved one. A ceremony that is as unique and memorable as they were.

Unravelling someone’s life story is fascinating

An enthralling collection of moments and connections that made them who they were. A thousand reasons why we loved them.

Many of us have attended ‘conveyor belt’ funerals where we’ve come away barely recognising the person we’re there to mourn. Maybe their name was mis-pronounced. Or there was little detail about them.

This is just heart-breaking. Each of us has our own story to be celebrated and we deserve a final farewell that is memorable and one of a kind.

The person you choose to lead the ceremony can make all the difference

A qualified celebrant will take the time to understand the life of the person who has died, to learn about their passions, their interests and what made them tick.

I work with compassion and sensitivity to create a funeral ceremony that reflects the life, spirit and values of your loved one and that gives you the opportunity to say goodbye in a way that is meaningful and appropriate.


A new approach to funerals

Religion is a very personal choice and it can often feel confusing as to what type of funeral service you should arrange for your loved one. Sometimes, a traditional religious service may not seem appropriate, especially  if they were not a particularly religious person in life.

Equally, it may be that some family members would still like to include a hymn or a reading – I take all of this into account when creating a funeral ceremony, to ensure that it honours the wishes of the person who has died and also brings comfort to family and friends as they say goodbye.

There are no fixed rules on how a funeral service should be conducted. Every service is different and will be crafted individually.

How I work

My role in a funeral starts from my first telephone conversation with you. I’ll ask you to gather together as many members of the family as you can, and we’ll arrange to meet at a time which suits you.

We’ll talk about your memories of your loved one and piece together their life story. There can be laughter and tears as we discuss the good times, the happy times and the sad.

By working together with you in this way, I can prepare and deliver a  eulogy which which not only commemorates  the life of your loved one, but truly focuses on the moments  that were important to them. In effect, the funeral service becomes a celebration of their life. I’ll compose a beautiful, individual ceremony for  you: a fitting tribute that will help you to start the healing process.

I have a wide library of suitable poems and readings to draw on and I can help you to choose pieces of appropriate music, whether you’d like something classical, a song by a much-loved singer, or even the theme tune from a favourite TV programme. I can also suggest those special finishing touches which can make a funeral, or memorial service, completely unique.

Your loved one deserves the best send-off we can give them. We’ll work together to give them a final farewell full of love and respect.


There to support you all the way

Sometimes a member of the family will want to give the eulogy personally – and I am always happy just to take a supportive role. But the burden of grief can be a heavy one, and if, on the day, they should be overcome with emotion, I can step in and speak on their behalf.

On the day of the funeral, I’ll arrive early to check that everything is as it should be and liaise with other professionals to ensure everything runs smoothly. I will be there to welcome the family and the other mourners into the service and guide them through the ceremony we have prepared together.

I aim to provide a funeral service which will be remembered for all the right reasons. I am entirely focused on providing a high-quality service and will always go that extra mile to ensure that your expectations are exceeded.

Funeral planning service

Some people find it very difficult to talk about their own death. But, for others, planning their own funeral can give them comfort, knowing that they are making things easier for their family and also that they will get the ceremony that best represents them.

I will help you devise a completely one of a kind service containing your favourite music, poetry and words of wisdom and comfort for your family and friends. I will capture your life story, in your own words, to be told when the end comes. And I’ll provide you with a complete service to be stored with your will, giving your family one less worry.

Get in touch today to see how I can help with your life event